Mission nobleness “Refan Bulgaria” builds its history about the charrity Refan Refan

Freitag, 5. Dezember 2014

Mission nobleness “Refan Bulgaria”  builds its history about the charrity Refan

Step by step, without undue ostentation but with great  enthusiasm  and consistency , the cosmetic company "Refan Bulgaria" Ltd responds to hundreds of  initiatives,  supporting honorable  ideas.

After the complete renovation and equipment of the children’s  departments  - surgery and oncology-hematology, in UMHAT"Saint Georgi" in Plovdiv, after the  donations  for 16 day nurseries and social institutions in Sofia, after the financial support for the treatment of children abroad and the  purchase of expensive medical equipment and incubators,  "Refan" stood unhesitatingly behind the Association "Cause" and its project - the campaign "LEAVING TRACES 3", under the patronage of Hristo Mutafchiev.  A charity auction of 25 unique photographs by  Veselina  Kajmakanova-Nozharova,  presenting celebrities,  was organized with the idea for  the funds collected to be used   for the purchase  of medical equipment for premature newborns, seriously ill children and children with insulin-dependent diabetes.
Mr. Angel Popov, the President of cosmetic company "Refan Bulgaria", endowed  an extremely expensive incubator that will be life-saving for many children.
The incubator was given over to D-r  Radoslav Minkov Minkov,  Manager of SHOGAT "Prof. D-r D. Stamatov" - Varna.

The hospital recently welcomed its 40th Anniversary as the undisputed leader in women’ and babies’ care.
The Specialized Gynecological Hospital "Prof. D-r D. Stamatov" - Varna takes pride in its "Excellent" accreditation assessment of overall medical activities.
Thanks to the good management of the board the health institution strengthened  its position as the only hospital outside the capital specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and played an important role not only in Varna but also for the whole of Northeastern Bulgaria.

When  people  guided by an  honorable mission, like Mr. Angel Popov, stand behind highly qualified specialists , the story of  charity will surely  have a happy ending which all of us will  catch  through the smiles of the  happy children saved!