Vitamin C


For optimal effect, use with REFAN’S latest product FACIAL FILLER VITAMIN C.


VITAMIN C whitening facial serum contains the highly effective ingredients: olive squalane, vitamin C and vitamin E. Based entirely on natural ingredients, it not only has a whitening effect, but also regenerates skin. REFAN company uses one of the most stable formulas of vitamin C, which is synthesized in a Japanese laboratory and has a proven whitening effect. It is oil-soluble and retains its activity throughout the shelf life of the cosmetic product. Olive squalane is a natural moisturizer, it has good skin compatibility, improving its elasticity and softening it. In combination with vitamin E, skin is additionally protected from premature aging.

Concentrated, but easily absorbed by the skin vitamin C, which visibly lightens complexion, including the pigment spots that have appeared. Stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthens tissues and reduces skin oxidative stress caused by environmental factors. Also contains:

 - Olive squalane: nourishes skin at night and improves its elasticity;

 - Vitamin E: protects skin from premature aging by preventing the destruction of collagen.

Results of a conducted USER TEST for Vitamin C whitening facial serum:

 - 92.9% of the users have a good tolerance to Vitamin C whitening facial serum.

 After the test, participants felt:

- 92.9% lightening of skin pigmentation after 1 month of use;

- 100% lightening of skin pigmentation after 2 months of use;

 - 100% tighter oval;

- 100% smoother skin

After taking into account all the criteria from the user test:

- 92.8% of consumers would use again Vitamin C whitening facial serum;

 - 100% of users are satisfied with Vitamin C whitening facial serum.

How to use: use separately by applying 1-2 times a day on the pigment spots or over the whole face. You can supplement the effect of your favorite cosmetics by applying before the face cream. Do not use during the summer months on skin, not protected by a sun protection product.


10 ml

Vitamin C REFAN


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