Vitamin C


For optimal effect, use with REFAN’S latest product FACIAL FILLER VITAMIN C.


An antioxidant day face cream that fights skin aging and gives it bright and radiant appearance. Enriched with:

 – Vitamin C: stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthens tissues and reduces skin oxidative stress caused by environmental factors.  REFAN company uses one of the most stable formulas of vitamin C, which is synthesized in a Japanese laboratory and has a proven whitening effect.

– Vitamin E: protects skin from premature aging by preventing the destruction of collagen, which keeps it smooth and elastic.

 – Glycerin: restores skin elasticity and strengthens its protective barrier.

Results of a conducted USER TEST for Vitamin C day face cream:

- 100% of the users have a good tolerance for Vitamin C day face cream.

After the test, participants felt their facial skin:

- 100% softer;

- 100% evening out the complexion;

- 100% tighter oval;

- 90.1% smoother.

After taking into account all criteria of the user test:

- 100% of the users consider that Vitamin C day face cream is effective as an anti-aging care;

 - 100% of the users are satisfied and would use Vitamin C day face cream again.

 How to use: apply to clean and dry facial skin in the morning for protection during the day.

 50 ml

Vitamin C REFAN

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