Unisex fragrances - a modern trend in the world of perfumes

maandag 30 juli 2018

Unisex fragrances - a modern trend in the world of perfumes

The trend of the new century - the division between the two sexes - is increasingly being imposed in the world of perfumes. This gives freedom in choosing a fragrance that is not specifically intended for a particular sex, but it suits the style and tastes of the individual. Fans of unisex fragrances are constantly multiplying because of the peculiar mysterious magnetism they carry. This explains why the new boutique perfume collection REFAN TEMPTATION BLEND enjoys increased interest among connoisseurs of quality perfumery. The collection offers an exclusive palette of avant-garde fragrances, suitable for both men and women, created by the most valuable perfume ingredients selected from all over the world, characterized by naturalness, richness and superior sophistication of smell.

Even if you still have some premonition about unisex fragrances, it is worthwhile to search for your scent and try at least one of the REFAN TEMPTATION BLEND perfumes to make it your impressive summer accessory.

You can choose from ten iconic fragrance: