About Refan


The intelligent way to sell perfumes: How to produce a great variety of high-quality perfumes and sell them at attractive prices?

This was the question that back in 1991 brought to the foundation of Refan Bulgaria. Lead by his passion for beauty and his incredible taste for fine fragrances, applying  the Bulgarian  perfumery traditions and the long-term knowledge and experience of one of the most  famous flavor & fragrance companies, Stefan Popov established his family company and named it Refan (after the names of his wife Reni and himself - Stefan).    

Nowadays, Refan is a worldwide leading brand - a symbol of high quality and prestige. The company has continually and successfully been run by the son of Mr. Stefan Popov – Anguel Popov, who has modernized and further developed the business internationally. The creation of Refan products is a mixture of  strong passion for the brand,   state-of-the-art innovations, gained long-term expertise and know-how, observing trends and market demands and finding the best possible solutions to consumer needs.

  Thus, for almost 25 years the company has been manufacturing high quality perfumes in bulk, offering an economically efficient, environmentally-friendly and an intelligent way for their sales:  can buy perfumes for different occasions, in different volumes and with refillable glass bottles and… with maximum quality at competitive prices.



REFAN Bulgaria has developed a franchise business model that has proven to be very successful through a network of more than 400 shops all over the world.

To become a Refan franchisee is also an intelligent way to start your own business: the franchise concept is economically efficient, extremely profitable, inexpensive to establish and maintain. It guarantees high sales margins, attractive shop design and a challenging startup opportunity for every entrepreneur.

Refan franchise model has won awards for:
- New Business  model – 2011г
- Successfully running franchise model – 2012
- Special award FORBES for developing of family business 2013
- Special award FORBES for Quality 2014
- The best Bulgarian franchise in Europe 2014
- International Europe  Award  for Quality 2014
- Award of the German Economy in Bulgaria - 2014
- Special award FORBES for SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS 2015
-European Award for Quality and Business Prestige - Golden European Award 2016

The success of REFAN franchise concept is due to the following main advantages: 

  • A business model with low investment;
  • High profitability;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • A great variety of branded products: We offer a wide range of products rich in natural formulas: a great diversity of fragrances, specialized and body cosmetics, handmade glycerine soaps, aromatherapy bath products, bath salts, oils and fruit exfoliants.

Our creations have ancient traditions in production of rose oil, rose water and natural-based cosmetics using these ingredients

Social Responsibilities

For today’s extremely materialized society the term benevolence sounds like an ancient nobility that few people deserve to wear.  

During the period 2002 - 2014 'Refan" company  supported  448 number of sports, social, cultural and health initiatives.

Only for the past 2014 a hand was given to 47 events in the social sphere, including donation of an extremely expensive incubator to  SHOGAT "Prof. D-r D. Stamatov" – Varna, that will be life-saving for many children, 17 events in sport and 14 happenings in the field of art and culture.

The following activities received significant public response:
-    Complete renovation and reconstruction of the  children's oncological ward of UMHAT"Saint Georgi" in Plovdiv, in 2013.
-    Award "The Little Prince” for contributions to improving the lives of children with autism – 2012.
-    Complete renovation of the Clinic of Pediatric Surgery of UMHAT"Saint Georgi" in Plovdiv – 2011.
 “One sees clearly only with his heart. ... Everything essential is invisible to the eyes.”

This has always been the motto of company’s long-term and persistent social policy.  


The company has developed and applies a system for quality control in accordance with the requirements of the following quality standards: ISO9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007. We have also EN ISO 22716:2007 -  GMP  Certificate for Good Manufacturing Practice.

Acknowledgements for the quality of the products are also the “International European Quality Award” – Paris and the Special Forbes Award 2014, “Quality Award 2012 for contribution  to improving the quality of products”  ,  Special Award at the Trade Fair “Made in Bulgaria” and award for “New Business Idea” in 2011.



The factory is equipped with modern facilities for production of perfumery and cosmetics: Among our main suppliers of production equipment are the following world-famous producers: Frima Coruma - Switserland/Germany, Vatron Mau – France, Coven

Egidio Snc – Italy, GGM Group Italy;



Refan Bulgaria Ltd. works in close cooperation with the largest and most outstanding

world famous suppliers of raw materials, accessories and perfume bottles. Among them are the leading European raw material producers such as BASF, Huntsman, Seppic, one of the world’s biggest fragrance manufacturers from France, Germany and England. Our suppliers of glass and aluminum perfume bottles are companies like Nussbaum from Switzerland and Baralan from Italy;



Products’ formulae are developed according to the European laws and regulations;

“One sees clearly only with the heart. ... Everything essential is invisible to the eyes.” This has always been the motto of company’s long-terms and persistent social responsibility policy.  


International European Quality Award 2014
International European Quality Award 2014
The award is awarded by GLOBAL TRADE LEADERS’ CLUB and was given on 27th October 2014 on an official ceremony in Paris , in Meridien Etoile hotel.