5529Soaps Soaps per kilo Peppermint Peppermint Soaps per kilo   Soap with a refreshing scent of peppermint.view more 5508Soaps Soaps per kilo Shea Shea Soaps per kilo   A soap with shea butter and oats.view more 5502Soaps Soaps per kilo Rose Rose Soaps per kilo   Suitable for delicate and sensitive skin.view more 5555Soaps Soaps per kilo Yogurt and elderberry Yogurt and elderberry Soaps per kilo   Soap with a captivating scent of wild berries. Plenty and soft foam providing gently cleansing for your skin and pleasure in bathroom. Suitable for all skin type.view more 5525Soaps Soaps per kilo Sea Sea Soaps per kilo   Soap with refreshing scent of sea and real algae, a small piece of the beautiful sea world. Suitable for all skin types.view more 5539Soaps Soaps per kilo Cotton & White tea Cotton & White tea Soaps per kilo   Soft and delicate scent of white tea. White carnaval, snow - white lather, and feeling of cleanness and freshness.The added poppy seeds take additional care of your skin, leaving gently exfoliated. Suitable for all skin types.view more 5537Soaps Soaps per kilo Pomegranate and Papaya Pomegranate and Papaya Soaps per kilo   With scent of pomegranate and exotic fruits that releases slowly and attractively.view more 5524Soaps Soaps per kilo Melon & Appricot Melon & Appricot Soaps per kilo   Sweet melon and juicy apricot flavourview more 5522Soaps Soaps per kilo Milk and Oats Milk and Oats Soaps per kilo   The soap is suitable for all those who take special care for the skin when washing.view more 5547Passion fruit Passion fruit Soaps per kilo   Hand-made soapview more 5504Soaps Soaps per kilo Rose garden Soft Rose Rose garden Soft Rose Soaps per kilo   Hand made glicerin soapview more 5503Soaps Soaps per kilo Rose garden Rose Touch Rose garden Rose Touch Soaps per kilo   Handmade soapview more 5548Soaps Soaps per kilo Wild cherry Wild cherry Soaps per kilo   hand-made soapview more 5551Soaps Soaps per kilo Lilac & Clove Lilac & Clove Soaps per kilo   A soap with mysterious scent of blooming lilacs and notes of cloves, petigren and ilang-ilang . A combination of essential oils known for their therapeutic properties is used in it. Cloves oil – with strong antimicrobial and tonic action. Petigren oil – it has antiseptic and deodorizing action, with good effect on blemished skin. Ilang-Ilang oil – an essential oil recognized as an extremely strong aphrodisiac that, at the same time stimulates, refreshes and has an antidepressant effect.  Poppy seed – the seed filler gives skin the extra care of being gently exfoliated.view more


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