Yogurt and Rose oil

Yogurt and Rose Oil cosmetic series contains the most popular Bulgarian products in the world - yogurt concentrate and rose oil. The combination of these two active ingredients has beneficial effects on skin, because it moisturizes, softens and smooths dry and problem-prone skin. The skin feels smooth and elastic, intensely moisturized and satin-soft again, which is very important for the winter season.

Yogurt concentrate has a superb effect on the skin. It moisturizes dry and problem-prone skin and leaves it soft and smooth thanks to its content rich in proteins, lipids, minerals, and vitamins. The skin feels smooth and supple, intensely moisturized and satin-soft again.

Rose oil has tonifying, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and aphrodisiac effects. All this, combined with its gentle tonifying and soothing properties, makes it suitable for aging, dry and sensitive, redness-prone and inflamed skin.


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