"Support during a difficult time is a test of humanity" emotional words of gratitude to REFAN

Thursday, April 23, 2020

"Support during a difficult time is a test of humanity"

In the complex situation created by the pandemic it is important not only to take responsibility for your own protection and hygiene, but also not to remain indifferent to the protection of those who need it most.

After having reorganized its production due to the crisis situation and the need for disinfectants, REFAN has taken the next step to prove its social commitment! The company producer of perfumery and cosmetics donated thousands of personal hygiene products to hospitals, social care homes and institutions.

For the staff of University Multi-Profile Hospital for Active Treatment „Sveti Georgi“ - city of Plovdiv REFAN provided free of charge more than 2700 125 ml Hand cleansing spray leave-on /for 1500 sprayings/, and to the medical staff on the frontlines of coronavirus fight the company donated additionally more than 250 200 ml No-rinse deep cleansing hand gels.

Donations were received also by all 312 persons - doctors and staff of Emergency Medical Aid Center – Stara Zagora, to whom REFAN provided gratuitously125 ml hand cleansing sprays leave-on.

REFAN provided unconditionally and gratuitously to Plovdiv Municipality 1088 pieces of deep cleansing hand gels, which were distributed and made available to all support staff and all persons accommodated in the following municipal institutions:

- Knyaginya Maria Luiza Social Service Complex

- Olga Skobeleva Social Service Complex

- Sv. Georgi Social Service Complex

- Social Service Center for Children and Families

- Sv. Sv. Konstantin and Elena Social Service Complex

- Sv. Petka Social and Health Service Complex

- Children's Crisis Center 

- Women's Crisis Center (Victims of Domestic Violence) 

- Sheltered Housing for People with Mental Disabilities

- Sv. Vrach Home Care for Adults with Mental Disabilities

- Hadzhi Gyoka Pavlov Home Care for Adults with Physical Disabilities

- Sv. Vasiliy Veliki Nursing Home

 Rhodopi Municipality received hand cleansing products of the cosmetic brand, too.

As a reminder, at the beginning of the crisis REFAN provided financial support to Botev Plovdiv Football Club in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.