"Refan Bulgaria" LTD at KEM FRANCHISE EXPO - Thessaloniki, Greece

marți, 17 noiembrie 2015

"Refan Bulgaria" LTD at  KEM FRANCHISE EXPO -  Thessaloniki, Greece
"Refan Bulgaria" LTD at  KEM FRANCHISE EXPO -  Thessaloniki, Greece

At  KEM FRANCHISE EXPO that was held from 13 – 15.11.2015 in Thessaloniki, Greece and is the biggest franchise exhibition for the region, the company "Refan Bulgaria" Ltd  presented to шге visitors its operating franchise concept that  has given to hundreds of  entrepreneurs in Bulgaria and worldwide, the opportunity to develop  successful franchise business.

“Refan Bulgaria” Ltd has developed an innovative and flexible  franchise business model that has proven to be very successful, extremely proftable and inexpensive to establish and maintain through a network of more than 400 shops all over the world, and has received numerous awards in recent years.

The most popular and beloved Bulgarian cosmetic brand caught the interest of visitors and enchanted them with the  huge variety of  handmade glycerin soaps with irresistible scents, with the exclusive fragrances of REFAN perfumes,  candles and home perfumes,  high quality cosmetics with natural ingredients.

All visitors of the exhibition were impressed by the elegant boutique pavilion of the company and left with fragrant gifts from REFAN!

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