Cosmetologists of REFAN advise - moisturize your skin in winter!

joi, 19 ianuarie 2017

Cosmetologists of  REFAN  advise -  moisturize your skin in winter!

 We should take care of the skin every day, especially in winter.  Cold, wind, abrupt alternation of low outside temperatures and high temperatures in the premises lead to skin dehydration and reduce its effectiveness as a protective body barrier .One can deal with these negative consequences with the help of appropriate cosmetics.
            During the winter, cosmetologists of REFAN advise us to use moisturizing products which provide skin its  much-needed  moisture,  and for cold days they  recommend  the cosmetic line SHEA/ KARITE with organic shea butter, rich in skin essential  vitamins A and E, as well as trace elements and fatty acids. It is considered  to be the best skin care during the cold season because it provides life-giving moisture and nutrients for the skin, maintains its elasticity and cell renewal.
            With the SHEA/KARITE series you can take care of your skin in winter from top to toe: the nourishing face cream is suitable for both day and night use, it’s recommended for dry and sensitive skin, and its light and silky texture melts without leaving greasy residue. Although hidden by thick clothing, body skin also needs hydration, and for this purpose nourishing body cream with organic shea butter is suitable and recommended for use by cosmetologists. Under the shower you can put your trust in the nourishing hair and body shampoo SHEA / KARITE, which softens and hydrates dry hair and skin.
            The good care for extremities is also important in winter. Hands and feet skin is extremely sensitive and in cold weather it is inclined to roughening and chapping, therefore it needs intensive hydration and for this purpose nourishing hand lotion and foot cream from SHEA / KARITE cosmetic line by REFAN are particularly suitable.
          Other alternatives for the cold days are day and night face creams with hyaluronic acid by REFAN. If you think that apart from moisturizing, your face skin also needs restoring its fresh, youthful and radiant appearance, you can trust in the HYALURONIC ACID series. Experts from the world-famous cosmetic brand recommend it for the winter season because of the unique ability of hyaluronic acid to retain water nearly a thousand times more than its own weight. The combination of hyaluronic acid and collagen in HYALURONIC ACID series deeply moisturizes, improves skin elasticity and tightens facial contour.
          Winter offers its challenges but with REFAN cosmetics you can face them and enjoy more confidence with healthy, fresh and beautiful skin.