Nobility - MISSION WITHOUT BORDERS For the new charity initiative of "REFAN Bulgaria"

Monday, September 16, 2013


For the new charity initiative of "REFAN Bulgaria"
During 2012 Mr Angel Popov ,president of the cosmetic company Refan Bulgaria was awarded with the prestigious award "Little prince" as the most faithful donator.Among his charity initiatives are :complete renovation of the surgical department at the Children's Hospital at University Hospital "St. George "in Plovdiv ,the purchase of mobile incubator for the pediatrics at the Metropolitan University Hospital, pulse oximeter, which monitors the cardiac activity of infants, and dozens of others initiatives.
For Mr.Angel Popov human nobility is comparable only with the desire to uphold people in trouble!
To help - for him is not only a motto,but also and life mission ,defended unconditionally!
Today Mr. Popov starts the renovation and buys equipment for the oncohematology in Plovdiv University Hospital "St. George". The president of the prosperous cosmetic company Refan ,delivered his promise and dedicated his forces to a difficult and ambitious project, inspired by the idea that gestures towards human suffering and charity make a living.
The realization of such a spectacular noble initiative requires not only large investments and very good organization ,but also and very tight deadlines due to the specifics of the treatment, which take place in the division. Following his sense of human and civil liability, Mr. Angel Popov took all the challenges and risks with great faith in the good that always wins.The beginning will be set with the renovation of two rooms and two manipulation rooms, equipped with the most modern equipment,which by all indications will meet the global criteria for modern compartment of such type.
Not for the first time the president of "Refan" shows that to create good,to donate hope and realize dreams is a mission,which knows no boundaries.

Not surprisingly with the announcement of the renovation of the compartment,the world famous athlete Jordan Jovchev said: ''Mr.Angel Popov gives a decent example to follow with his dozens inspired and realized charities.I don't know other person like him,who so enthusiastically and selflessly is committed to his noble purposes!