SNAIL AND ROSE PERFECTION cosmetic series is an extension of one of the most popular and successful cosmetic series of REFAN -  SNAIL PERFECTION. All products are enriched with snail extract and organic rose water - Rosa Damascena. The combination of the two active ingredients regenerates skin, providing deep hydration and restoring skin's elasticity.  Snail extract is one of the most effective skin regeneration agents that, thanks to its valuable components, promotes protein synthesis, moisturizes skin and slows down skin's ageing process. Its key feature is to activate skin, stimulating cell function and thus promoting skin regeneration and healing. Organic rose water has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It tones and refreshes facial skin, improves blood circulation and maintains water balance in the skin renewal process, thus moisturizing and softening skin.
SNAIL AND ROSE PERFECTION cosmetic series includes products that are suitable for all skin types, providing comprehensive facial skin care: Day cream, night cream, facial serum and facial wash gel.


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