Gardenia and Rose

Night face cream#6415

With gardenia stem cells extract and rose oil. Active care for your skin during the night. The high content of gardenia stem cells and natural rose oil regenerate the faded and sagging face skin, assisting the collagen synthesis and slowing down the ageing processes. Vitamins а and е take care of the radiant looks of your skin and assist you in fighting wrinkles.

The product contains:

  • Gardenia stem-cell extract - regenerates the sagging facial skin. It stimulates collagen synthesis and slows down the aging process. With soothing and tone-up effect. Improves skin elasticity and helps restore its firmness and healthy appearance.
  • Rose oil- contains 300 proven valuable substances that represent 86% of its composition. The remaining 14% are ingredients in very small quantities, however they are very important for its quality. The essential rose oil is the "oil for women". It is used in aromatherapy for treatment of reproductive system disorders. It acts as a very powerful aphrodisiac, especially for women with emotional disorders, which lead to sexual problems. Rose oil is suitable for all skin types but it is most preferable for dry, sensitive and aging skin. It has a tonifying and astringent effect on the capillaries, as well as on the blood circulation as a whole, which makes it very suitable for redness-prone skin. It has a beneficial effect on dermatitis and eczema. It has an anti-inflammatory and healing effect in case of sunburns.
  • Vitamin A - Supports epidermis regeneration, reduces the enlargement of its outer layer and excessive keratosis, skin peeling and its roughness. Stimulates the division of epidermal cells, protects against the harmful effects of free radicals. Reduces skin pigmentation, whitens freckles.
  • Vitamin E – it is widely used in cosmetics due to the strong protective functions it performs. It improves epithelization and increases enzyme activity in the skin, slows down the processes of skin premature aging caused by UV radiation, by showing antioxidant properties and reducing the number of damaged cells. It has an anti-inflammatory and hydrating effect. The wealth of active components in the snail extract stimulates cell functions, enhances protein synthesis and skin regeneration, slows down aging.


Use: Аpply onto cleansed and dry face skin in the evening, for recovery throughout the night.

50 ml


Cosmetics with Gardenia stem cells extract And rose oil


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