Melon and apricot

Effect of cosmetic series’ active ingredients

Cocoa butter has softening, moisturizing and nourishing properties. It gives the soap and the soap foam a velvety texture.

Olive oil extract which have antioxidant action against free radicals.

Yogurt concentrate has an excellent hydrating, softening and smoothing effect on dry and problematic skin due to its high content of lipids, proteins, minerals and vitamins. The skin becomes smooth and elastic, moisturized in depth, thus regaining its satin softness.

Provitamin B5 hydrate skin and protect it against inflammations.


6283Melon and apricot Melon and apricot Melon and apricot Melon and apricot   Rich in natural plant butters and oils this cream-butter for daily skin nourishment with the tasty flavour of melon and apricot, improves your mood and restores the harmony of your body and spirit. It instantaneously melts onto your skin making it smoothview more 5991Melon and apricot Sugar body scrub Sugar body scrub Melon and apricot   The melon and apricot body exfoliant is a concentrate of natural sugar crystals, natural vegetable oils and superb melon and apricot-scented foam. Its thick and captivating aromat brings freshness and irresistible delight to the senses and it delicately rview more 6440Melon and apricot Hand cream-butter Melon & Apricot Hand cream-butter Melon & Apricot Melon and apricot   For every-day care in case of dry and very dry hands skin, with savory melon and apricot fragrance. A rich formula with natural vegetable oils and butters that smooth, nourish and soften the skin. The yogurt concentrate stimulates the natural skin hydratiview more 6226Melon and apricot Moisturizing shower gel Moisturizing shower gel Melon and apricot   It brings you the gift of an incredible feeling of freshness and cleanliness, indulging your senses with the irresistible scent of melon and apricot. Olive oil and provitamin B5 regenerate and moisturize your skin. Useview more 5208Melon and apricot Hydrating liquid soap Hydrating liquid soap Melon and apricot   It cleans the skin of your hands efficiently without drying and perfumes with the fresh scent of melon and apricot.view more 05524Handmade glycerin soap Melon and Apricot Handmade glycerin soap Melon and apricot   Provides an incredible feeling of freshness and purity to body and mind.view more 5272Melon and apricot Peeling soap-sponge Peeling soap-sponge Melon and apricot   Attractive scent of sweet, ripe melon and juicy apricot, which is slowly released whenever you use this soap. It is savoury fruit nectar for your skin. Make your bath a tropical paradise. Suitable for all skin type.view more 6035Melon and apricot Bath salts Bath salts Melon and apricot   Melon and apricotview more


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