Hemp Perfection

Hemp oil is a revolutionary discovery in modern cosmetics! In recent years, it has gained more and more popularity, thanks its properties. It is a rich source of nutrients, tissues and unsaturated fatty acids - omega 3,6 and 9. They improve the elasticity of the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines. Hemp oil is also known for its properties to moisturize, soothe, nourish and relieve the discomfort of dry and irritated skin. The oil has very good penetration, leaves no residue after application and is non-greasy. After using it, the skin is visibly softer and more beautiful.

The Refan company uses organic hemp oil of French origin and COSMOS eco-certificate, obtained by cold pressing from the seeds of the plant. This technology is gentle and extracts the most beneficial substances. It is important to note that we use organic hemp oil that does not contain the psychotropic substance THC and is obtained from cultivated types of agricultural plantations.

The Refan company offers on the market - a daily face cream, a night face cream and a butter body cream with organic hemp oil and organic rose water. The combination of the two active ingredients balances oily skin and soothes it. With organic rose water you will refresh, tone and hydrate your skin, and with organic hemp oil you will soothe and restore it. All three products are suitable for all skin types. With them you will awake your senses.


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