Argan & Microbiome

Winter is a beautiful season, but cold months can leave lasting effects on skin and hair. As a result of lower temperatures, sebum production decreases thus leading to additional hair drying. Refan offers a new, especially developed series with organic Argan oil and prebiotic active ingredient - "ARGAN & MICROBIOME".

"ARGAN & MICROBIOME" cream-shampoo and hair mask contain organic Argan oil and Prebiulin - a natural prebiotic. The idea of ​​these innovative products is to restore and maintain the microbiome after each hair wash.

Microbiome cosmetics are becoming increasingly relevant. Skin microbiome plays a vital role in the overall health of our skin and contributes significantly in protection against skin problems. It’s been violated after each wash. Cosmetics containing prebiotic ingredients help to restore the microbiome faster and keep skin balanced. Natural prebiotic derived from chicory root, which is used in Refan products ARGAN & MICROBIOME makes hair and skin more resistant.

Helps in forming a shield in the corneous layer, preventing the unwanted effects of microorganisms. Prebiulin also has an excellent conditioning effect. It balances and nourishes skin, preserving its natural beauty.


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