Organic Waters

Rose water has left an indelible mark on human history and it has been known for centuries. Even the Romans used the pure and fresh aromatic liquid to freshen the air, and the Persians - as a flavoring in cooking.

Due to its multiple and beneficial effects on skin and hair, rose water is used in a number of cosmetic products. Suitable for all skin types - for delicate baby's skin as well as for the irritated skin after shaving.

It regulates and balances sebum production and has antibacterial and antiallergic effects.

It is also known for its relaxing effects, thereby it is used in aromatherapy.

Organic rose waters have certificates, issued by BALKAN BIOCERT Ltd.

They are produced through steam-distillation of fresh rose petals, grown in an ecologically clean region of the village of Tarnichane, district of Kazanlak. Rose plants and soils are not treated with pesticides, fertilizers and other synthetic preparations.

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