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REFAN GOLD COLLECTION REFAN INTENSE GOLD EAU DE PARFUM REFAN INTENSE GOLD EAU DE PARFUM REFAN GOLD COLLECTION   Perfumes INTENSE REFAN GOLD are a surprising  continuation of  the GOLD  series , with the  lasting Intense signature of REFAN.When we choose perfumes  we want to keep abreast of the  fashion and, at the same time to be special and unique – therefore it is necessary to properly select them.If  you still haven’t found  your fragrance  among the great perfumery abundance,   do not hesitate  and select at least one of the staggering emblematic  perfumes.INTENSE REFAN GOLD. Their new and attractive packaging gives them a luxurious vision and turns them into real perfume jewelry and exquisite gift. The larger volume of the bottle allows for it to be  used   longer and more generously,  without saving.The new trends  in the world of perfumes  - "extreme" and  “intense " - other than the well-known classics, provide an escape from boredom and a return to the mystery of nature. These are long-lasting fragrances with increased intensity and enriched composition with  accented floral freshness or spices, juicy fruit notes or marked warm basic woody notes.The higher concentration and new remixes of the favorite perfumes keep abreast with the hectic modern world of strong emotions, and they are designed for those who seek for new sensual experiences.These ultra-modern  fragrances  fully meet the fashion trends and further underline the individual charm, create joyful emotions, improve mood, increase confidence.Believe , they are worthy!06410KRÉM PRE TVÁR A OKOLO OČI  " YOUTHFUL PERFECTION "  S EARLY BOOST PA KRÉM PRE TVÁR A OKOLO OČI Youthful Perfection   S EARLY BOOST PA06411NOČNI SERUM ZA OBRAZ IN PREDEL OKOLI OČI „YOUTHFUL PERFECTION”  VSEBUJE EARLY BOOST PA NOČNI SERUM ZA OBRAZ IN PREDEL OKOLI OČI Youthful Perfection   VSEBUJE EARLY BOOST PA06412UMÝVAJÚCI GÉL PRE TVÁR „YOUTHFUL PERFECTION"  S EARLY BOOST PA A POLYLACTIC ACID UMÝVAJÚCI GÉL PRE TVÁR Youthful Perfection   S EARLY BOOST PA A POLYLACTIC ACID06355Kém na tvár Kém na tvár Antistress   Extract verbeny a prírodného esenciálneho pomarančového oleja