"REFAN BULGARIA" with the Prestigious Prize Golden European Award 2016

Thursday, March 31, 2016

"REFAN BULGARIA" with the Prestigious Prize Golden European Award 2016

At an elegant ceremony in Barcelona on 27 March, in front of representatives of global companies with international importance, "Refan Bulgaria" and its manager Angel Popov received another great recognition. At a conference of leaders the Bulgarian company that is known worldwide was honored with the European Award for Quality and Business Prestige - Golden European Award. Last year the award was for Turkish airlines, and this year it came to Bulgaria by REFAN. The recognition has been awarded on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the company, days after distinguishing it with the prize for "International recognition" of Vip Bussines Award 2016.

The European prize Golden European Award distinguishes European companies with proven success and prestige, which in practice rely on values ​​such as honesty, cooperation, mutual respect, altruism and ethics. The latest international recognition for "Refan Bulgaria" is deserved and is a result of the successful positioning of the brand on 5 continents thanks to the developed flexible franchise model that has proved its economic efficiency through the network of over 400 boutiques in 28 countries. The Bulgarian cosmetics company is widely popular among consumers because of its quality, natural ingredients, affordable prices and wide range of products. "REFAN" has won the most prestigious International European Award from Paris of Global Trade Leaders' Club for quality of the offered products and services, the prize of the German economy in Bulgaria and the award for "Global achievements to enhance the quality of products" and three Forbes awards: for "Development of family business", "Prosperous and sustainable business" and "Special Award for quality."

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