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Holy Lake#5323

With healing mud and water from the Pomorie lake–lagoon; for all skin types, with excellent effect for sensitive, easily irritate and blemished  skin.

  • Pomorie mud – the healing firth mud is black, thin, rich in hydrogen sulfide, magnesium chlorides, calcium, potassium, iron compounds, sulfates, etc. It has the characteristic odor of sulfur , which is one of the most valuable therapeutic ingredients of the  mud for oily skin, seborrhea, etc.. Sulfur is colloidal and this favors the easier suction into the skin. The rich content of micronutrients and sulfur completes the skin deficiency in skin diseases. It is put in the soap naturally, without further processing so that its high medical and dermatological properties are maximally preserved. Mud stimulates the regenerative processes in the skin, it acts hypoallergenic and antiseptic.
  • Rapa - thermal (spring) water and lake lye, with lake plankton - is put  in its natural form. Rich in minerals and  trace elements, with strong regenerating,   hypoallergenic and antiseptic effect.
  • The sea water of the lake – extremely rich in minerals, trace elements and plankton. It has anti-inflammatory action,   accelerates epithelialization and wound healing. 

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