Passion fruit

6284Body butter cream Passion fruit Body butter cream Passion fruit   with cocoa and shea butters and yogurtview more 5992Sugar body scrub Passion fruit Sugar body scrub Passion fruit   Passion Fruit bath exfoliant with almond, soybean and grape seed oilsview more 6362Passion fruit Moisturizing facial scrub Moisturizing facial scrub Passion fruit   Gently removes the impurities without drying the skin. Deep pore cleansing treatment, removes excess sebum and prevents the formation of comedones. Olive oil and provitamin B5 revive and hydrate the skin.Useview more 6227Passion fruit moisturizing shower gel moisturizing shower gel Passion fruit   It brings you the gift of an incredible feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Olive oil and provitamin B5 regenerate and moisturize your skin. Your senses are fascinated by the enchanting passion fruit fragrance that makes taking a shower a unique expeview more 6276Passion fruit ULTRA MOISTURIZING BODY OIL PASSION FRUIT ULTRA MOISTURIZING BODY OIL PASSION FRUIT Passion fruit   Ultra moisturizing body oil Passion Fruit with almond oil and Vitami E coats body with invisible film which protects skin from drying out. Almond oil and Vitamin E nourish dry skin areas and promote their long-term hydration. Skin is soft again, silky to the touch, wit fascinating scent of Passion Fruit.Suitable for massage as well.view more 6441Passion fruit Hand cream-butter Hand cream-butter Passion fruit   For every-day care in case of dry and very dry hands skin, with savory passion fruit fragrance.view more 5278Passion fruit peeling soap sponge peeling soap sponge Passion fruit   The soap has the strong, exciting scent of passion fruit.view more 5209hydrating liquid soap hydrating liquid soap Passion fruit   soapIt cleans the skin of your hands efficiently without drying and perfumes with the fresh scent of passion fruit.Useview more 3919Passion fruit Alcohol-free roll-on perfume Alcohol-free roll-on perfume Passion fruit   Perfumes pleasantly the skin, arousing the senses.view more


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