Everyone in the daily life uses various cosmetic products. But they are perfumed in different smell directions. Overlayed them on the body, the scent of perfume that we use is modified and it reduces the pleasure of usage.
The new line REFAN GOLD COLLECTION has been developed after analysis of consumers behavior which indicates that most of them use various cosmetic products, but they prefer to have them with a unifying scent. This allows the scent of your favorite perfume become richer, intensive and unchanged.
But in order to obtain this effect, without causing adverse reactions of the skin, REFAN selected for its products special fragrances that are more tolerant to the skin. They are different from traditionally used in perfumery options. Designed for cosmetics and contact with a large area of ​​the skin.Theese fragrances are in the perfume range of the draught perfumery, but are not identical and should not be compared.
REFAN GOLD COLLECTION includes eau de perfume and body cosmetics in the same smell direction:for the ladies shower gel and body lotion and for the gentlemen - shampoo shower gel. So you have the opportunity to shower with your favorite scent to take care of your skin after a shower and as a final chord to add perfume - for a complete ritual with your favorite scent.
Products of REFAN GOLD COLLECTION influence irresistibly with its durable and intense flavors. Also the packaging is made of luxurious gold card, which gives it a very stylish and sophisticated design and makes it a suitable gift.
The perfume collection REFAN GOLD COLLECTION is available in two women's and two men's scent, and will soon be enriched by another 5 women's and five men's fragrance in combination with cosmetics.

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