Yogurt and Еlderberry


Gently removes all impurities without drying out the skin. Polylactic acid provides skin exfoliation and deep pore cleansing by removing excess sebum. Elderberry extract has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces skin inflammation and calms irritated skin.
Use: Apply to moistened skin of face, neck & décolleté. Gently massage onto skin, then rinse with water.

Avoid contact with eyes!

100 ml

Yogurt and Еlderberry

06459FACE CREAM  YOGURT AND ELDERBERRY FACE CREAM YOGURT AND ELDERBERRY Yogurt and Еlderberry   Light, non-oily cream for visibly more radiant skinview more 06297Body cream REFAN Body cream Yogurt and Еlderberry   Rich in natural plant oils, suitable for daily nourishment of your skin with the captivating scent .view more 06469Body lotion REFAN Body lotion Yogurt and Еlderberry   All-day essential body skincare.view more 06423Hand cream REFAN Hand cream Yogurt and Еlderberry   Light, non-oily cream for visibly more beautiful hands. Elder fruit extract and yogurt regenerate skin, having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.view more 05981Sugar body scrub REFAN Sugar body scrub Yogurt and Еlderberry   Is an incredible combination of natural sugar crystals and natural almond, grape seed and apricot kernel oils with fresh scent of wild berries.view more 06128Yogurt and Еlderberry Shower gel Shower gel Yogurt and Еlderberry   Incredible blend of creamy foam and captivating scent of wild berries. Elder fruit extract and yogurt regenerate and hydrate body skin .useview more 06024Bath salts Bath salts Yogurt and Еlderberry   Bath salts improve blood circulation and skin tone.view more 03084Body mist Body mist Yogurt and Еlderberry   Light and refreshing mist. Imparts a pleasant fragrance to the skin.view more 03911Yogurt and Еlderberry Alcohol-free perfume Alcohol-free perfume Yogurt and Еlderberry   with a light and refreshing aromaview more 05223Peeling soap sponge Yogurt and Еlderberry Peeling soap sponge Yogurt and Еlderberry   with yogurt and elderberry extractview more 3940Home perfume elderberry with rattan sticks Home perfume elderberry with rattan sticks Yogurt and Еlderberry   Pleasant perfume presence, providing pleasure and improving the mood.view more 5555Yogurt and Еlderberry Hand made  glycerin soap Hand made glycerin soap Yogurt and Еlderberry   With dreamy scent of berries.view more


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