eau de parfum for men

Eau de parfum № 219
Woody, spicy

Top notes:  tangerine, grapefruit, peppermint
Heart notes: rose absolute, cinnamon, spices
Base notes: leather, patchouli, woods, amber

Eau de parfum № 226
Aromatic, fresh, aquatic

Top notes: lemon, lime, mandarin, bergamot
Heart notes: coriander, watery notes, freesia, cyclamen
Base notes: cedar, patchouli, oak moss, musk

Eau de parfum № 246
Aromatic, fresh

Top notes: tangerine, petitgrain, orange
Heart notes: santoline, posidonia, sea notes
Base notes: amber, woody notes

Eau de parfum № 407
Woody, aquatic

Top notes:citrus,aquatic notes
Heart notes:bay leaf, jasmine
Base notes:patchouli, cedar, ginger

Eau de parfum № 409
Aromatic, fresh

Top notes:peppermint, green apple, lemon
Heart notes: tonka bean, geranium
Base notes:vanilla, vetiver, oak moss, cedar


Perfumery REFAN INTENSE Perfumed deodorant for women Perfumed deodorant for women REFAN INTENSE   wor womenview more Perfumery REFAN INTENSE Perfumed deodorant for men Perfumed deodorant for men REFAN INTENSE   The aromas that are floating around us live in our memories for many years: blooming spring flowers, freshly cut grass, pine forest, azure sea.  Reminiscence of that wonderful and mysterious thing that has awoken our senses since the world began. That is why we have created the new Perfume deodorants with these extraordinary scents that make us attractive and fascinating in a new way.They are designed as a natural body spray with the most refined and exquisite fragrances, providing an intensive, exciting and long-lasting trace. A special formula, enriched with vitamin E and glycerin, with deodorizing, hydrating and softening properties. Gentle on the skin and pH-balanced they provide a feeling of freshness, a sensation of energy and optimism, a touch of romance and charm.For himaroma 211Definitely masculine scent - fresh citrus, spices, warm woody and balsamic notes, praline, patchouli.aroma 219Modern and sensual scent, grapefruit, warm spices, a touch of rose and cinnamon, leather and woody notes, patchouli, amber.aroma 226Fresh, elegant, eternal, fragrant - refined citrus, aquatic notes, warm musk ..aroma 246Citrus - aquatic, lavender and sage, guayacan, cedar, patchouli.aroma 251Refined and masculine scent - an aromatic blend of lemon, bergamot, lavender, sweet oriental notes, guayacan, leather, tobacco, amber.aroma 407Modern and elegant - aromatic blend of aquatic and woody notes, bay leaf, jasmine, patchouli, cedar, ginger.aroma 409Fresh mint, green apple and lemon, warm aromatic geranium, Atlas cedar, vetiver, oak moss.view more Perfumery REFAN INTENSE eau de parfum for women eau de parfum for women REFAN INTENSE   for womenview more


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