Yogurt & Passion Fruit

Passion fruit extract, rich in alkaloids, polysaccharides, fruit acids and flavonoids, restores dermal barrier function. It possesses moisturizing and
anti-inflammatory properties. The skin feels soſt, supple and smooth.

Yogurt concentrate, made with the traditional yogurt bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus.
For a long time yogurt as a food has been well known for its beneficial properties for human health and recently its superb effect on the
skin has been proven, as well. It moisturizes, soſtens and smoothes dry and problem-prone skin because it is high in protein, lipids, minerals, and
vitamins. It has a calming effect on inflamed, red skin and leaves dry and rough skin feeling smooth. The skin feels smooth and supple, intensely moisturized and satin-soſt again


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